Shampoo cut and finish: £32/£35

Shampoo and cut: £21/£22

Shampoo and finish: £19/£21

Shampoo, restyle cut and finish: £35/£40

Dry cut: £14.50/£16.50

Shampoo and roller set: £18/£20

Shampoo cut and roller set: £30/£32.50

Perms inclusive of cut and finish.

Permanent waving from: £62

Colours inclusive of finish but not cut.

Permanent colour re growth from: £50

Permanent colour full head from: £60

Semi permanent colours from: £42

High/low lighting full head fro: £80

High/low lighting half head from: £60

Spatula highlights from:£60

Lights with colour bath from:£90

Creative colouring by quotation.

Hair up from: £30

Bridal hair from: £50

Deep conditioning treatment: £15


Shampoo and cut from: £14.50

Dry cut: £12

Clipper cut: £10



Under 5 years dry cut: £7

Under 12 dry cut: £11

Wash cut and blowdry under 12: £20